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The Cimbria Foundation is a charitable organization.

We support and implement projects mainly in poor countries.

Content Film: The Members of Board explain what the Cimbria Foundation is all about - parents helping out at school - Kick-off event at a new Cimbria school - schools run microbanks offering cheap credit for parent projects - agricultural education at schools, food processing - students cleaning school, setting flag and morning ritual - students supported by Cimbria - the influence of Buddhism - fish farm - closing words Helge Nielsen, Operations Manager

January 2018. Running time 18'30''.

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We support the agricultural and ecological education of children, adolescents and adults in poor regions of the world.


By helping people to help themselves, people in poor rural areas can build a livelihood. We also support in economic issues.


In addition to agricultural technology, energy and environmental technology are also among our concerns. This is how we achieve a better supply of the population.