What we do

We promote a solid school education.

In collaboration with their parents, children learn the trade of agrarian culture, from cultivation to marketing.

With micro-credits at favorable rates, we support self-initiatives of parents.

We support further projects on agricultural self-sufficiency and training.

List of projects


The schools we support in Thailand are located in the Sa Kaeo district 200km East of Bankok. All schools have a self-administered micro-banking system for low-cost microcredits.

  • Ban Thayak School
  • Nong Tien School
  • Nong Phoe School
  • Klong School
  • Tap Loeng School
  • Bansubyai School

Fish farm

Education of natural science teachers

Other supported projects

  • Support for students from poor backgrounds
  • Hotel school for sustainable tourism in Myanmar / Burma

Completed projects

  • Poultry farm in Cambodia
  • Cambodia (Improving livelihoods and food security)
  • Myanmar (Away from Opium by organic farming)
  • Thailand (Securing food and rural development)
  • Nicaragua (Sustainable farming)
  • Tanzania (Microbiology in Food)
  • Peru (Malaria infection program)
  • Nepal (Grain storage pest program)
  • Myanmar (organic agriculture)