Projects in Myanmar

Willi Stierli was working again at the school E4Y in autumn 2018. Then he was teaching together with his wife Ursi at a monastic school (Tayzaryarma Monastric High School) in Myanmar. The projects supported by Cimbria to train teachers have been gratefully received.

Education of teachers in Natural Science

Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

In November / December 2016, Willi Stierli (formerly a secondary teacher in Kerns and consultant in natural science in the canton of Obwalden) conducted a microscopy course for teachers at the E4Y school in Yangon. Thanks to financial support from the Cimbria Foundation and other supporters, it was possible to finance the purchase of new equipment (microscopes, binoculars, magnifying glasses, various small items) and the cost of the course.


In several workshops, the course participants learned how to handle these devices. Furthermore, they learned the many possible applications in the classroom. The submitted teaching material can be used directly in class.


Willi Stierli traveled to Myanmar a second time in November 2017. Again, he had many lesson ideas and materials in his luggage.


The sustainability of the courses is ensured by methodical and didactic help for the teachers.