Projects in Myanmar

Teacher training

Willi Stierli has been a regular visitor at E4Y school in Yangon since 2015. He also teaches with his wife Ursi at a monastic school (Tayzaryarma Monastric High School) in Myanmar. The projects for the further education of teachers are gratefully received in Myanmar.


In workshops, teachers and students learn how to use scientific equipment correctly and how it can be used in the classroom.


In the regular courses, the teachers get methodical and didactic help. This garants the sustainability of the project.


Construction and use of a hydroponic system

In 2019, a first hydropone plant was built at the E4Y school. Especially in a city, this agricultural technology offers great advantages:

  •     No large acreage necessary
  •     Big harvest
  •     Low water consumption
  •     Efficient fertilizer application
  •     Little failure by pests

The products are used in the school kitchen for daily meals.